MycoSymbiotics is a Mushroom Research and Production Business based out of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, a response to Global crisis! We are a team of dedicated fungi enthusiast, on a mission to better our local Ecology and Community through the use of Fungi! Like the Mycelial network we branch out radially covering all aspects of Symbiotic fungi use. Since 2015 MycoSymbiotics has kept its focus on collecting native Pennsylvania strains of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms from the wild to study in controlled environments. MycoSymbiotics hosts an annual festival the first weekend of august every year focused on increasing the ecological literacy of the attendees and the surrounding communities. Breaking down the name Myco - Fungi and Symbiotic- a close cooperative or interdependent relationship, we strive to develop mutualistically beneficial relationships with those around us and those we work with.

In the big, wild world of fungi there are a lot of important players that get overlooked. Our team is focused on putting the unnoticed mushrooms into the spotlight by researching their potentials for cultivation, understanding any potential mycotoxins, and any potential beneficial compounds.