Reishi Honey by Cognitive Function

Reishi Honey by Cognitive Function


A Cognitive Function Initiative | MycoSymbiotics Approved

raw, lancaster county, pa local, unfiltered honey | infused with ganoderma

Ease your body with this smooth and rich Ganoderma concentrated honey.

What are some of the benefits of Honey you ask?

  • High Antioxidant

  • Aids with digestion and gut health

  • promotes nutrient absorption

  • strengthens immune system

  • Fights your fatigue!

What about our Reishi friend?

  • Supports your immune system

  • Aids in physical performance

  • Regulates metabolism

  • Adaptogenic

This blend is unique in the multitude of ways you can utilize it for your body.

  • -Melt me into your favorite warm beverages

  • Use me to sweeten

  • Dab me onto a wound or bee sting

  • Use me in your favorite recipes


    +roasted veggies



  • Alleviate your allergies by taking a big scoop in the am on an empty tummy!

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